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Oct 2014, IWSec Cup 2014 Winner

Awarded for a winner of IWSEC Cup 2014(The 9th International Workshop on Security) as an analyst of malware. (ref: http://www.iwsec.org/2014/)

Oct 2014, MWS Cup 2014 Tech Devision Winner

Awarded for a winner of the technical division at anti Malware engineering WorkShop Cup 2014 . Joined a team as an analyst of malware (ref: http://www.iwsec.org/mws/2014/en.html)

March 2013, Repayment Exemption of Student Loan(JASSO)

Japan Student Services Organization Student Loan Repayment Exemption for outstanding performance in study and research activities

June 2011, Tamura Academic Award, Consortium for Electric Power Technology

Awarded for my outstanding study and research outputs by Consortium for Electric Power Technology

Sep 2010, Young Engineer Poster competition, The institute of Electrical Engineering Japan

Awarded for my paper and research presentation at The Institute of Electrical Engineering Japan, Power and Energy technical MTG 2010 (ref: http://www.ase.sci.waseda.ac.jp/docs/eventandnews/73)